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Projects components of the Sectoral Plan for Research - Development of MADR - ADER 2020
OBJECTIVES 3 .: Developing new products, practices, processes and embedded technologies horticultural production
Specific Objective 3.3. Upgrading technology and culture propagation of horticultural plants to use natural resources with maximum efficiency and anthropogenic reduce the negative impact of climate change and improve environmental protection
Funding source: State budget by MARD
Authority: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Contractor: Research and Development Station for Viticulture and Winemaking Murfatlar
Calea Bucuresti, nr. 2, Murfatlar 905100, Constanta, tel/fax: 0241 234305, e-mail:
 ADER 3.3.8.             Results Phase 1
 ADER 3.3.10.           Results Phase 1    
Projects funded by Foundation "ASAS HERITAGE"    
Project 09





"Investing in your future"

Project co-funded by European Regional Development Fund


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1.  Sectorial Plan –Contract 1.1.14
Project Title: „The development of a set of methods and techniques for growing vines organically, focusing on the capitalization the main and secondary products resulting from vineyards in order to reduce the energy consumption in the semi-subsistence farms”
Main Objective: To implement a system of vine cultivation in respect with the good agricultural and environmental conditions, allowing the semi-subsistence farms to be able to cope common market requirements and the principles of the CAP 2014-2020.
Coordonator:  SCDVV Murfatlar
Project Manager: Scientific researcher Grade 1-PhD.Biologist Aurora RANCA
Execution period: 2013-2014
2.  Sectorial Plan  –Contract 1.1.6
Project Tilte: Developing vine and wine technologies to mitigate the disturbing climate changes
Main Objective:  Rethinking the vineculture technologies, but also those of the winemaking in the sense of introducing or upgrading technological sequences to ensure a reduction of the disruptive climate change. These technologies must be considered a complement to the correct zoning of crop varieties, representing the ultimate goal to ensure full manifestation of the productive characteristics  and of the quality  of varieties in areas zoned for manufacturing.
Coordonator: ICDVV Valea Calugareasca
Partner 2: SCDVV Murfatlar
Project Manager: Scientific researcher Grade I-Dr. Biologist Aurora RANCA
Execution period: 2011-2014
3 . Sectorial Plan- Contract 1.1.7.
Project Title: " The identification and the evaluation of local vine germplasm resources in order to promote them under the  regional climate change "
Main Objective: Identification and testing the ecological variability of the native germplasm resources  from the vulnerable areas and determination of the production capacity and the degree of weathering and biotic stress tolerance.
Coordinator: SCDVV Bujoru
Partner 3: SCDVV Murfatlar
Project Manager : Scientific researcher Grade III – ing. Ana Negraru
Execution period: 2011-2014
4. Sectorial Plan - Contract 5.2.1.
Project Title: "The evaluation of  vulnerability vineyard  ecosystem to the harmful impact of competitive and antagonistic organisms "
Main Objective: Sustainable management of the vine ecosystems and biodiversity preservation for increasing stability and productivity through the development and the implementation of improved methods for the detection, monitoring, prevention and control of diseases and pests of the vine.
Coordinator: SCDVV Blaj
Partner 4: SCDVV Murfatlar
Project Manager : Scientific researcher – MA. Biologist Anamaria Petrescu
Execution period: 2011-2014
5. Sectorial Plan - Contract 6.1.1.
Project Title: " Study and analysis for decision making in implementing restrictions CAP for the vine and wine sector "
Main Objective: Establishing the annual nationwide maturation dynamics of grape varieties and viticultural areas differentiated by denomination of origin (DOC ). In Romania there are currently 32 DOC viticultural areas .
Coordinator: ICDVV Valley Calugareasca
Partner 5 : SCDVV Murfatlar
Project Manager : Scientific researcher Grade III- PhD  - Chimist Victoria ARTEM
Execution period: 2011-2014
6. Sectorial Operational Plan – POS  CCE 224- Contract 117 European Project Project Title: " Improving the management of research activities and technological transfer "
Main Objective: Strengthening the administrative capacity of the resort research by critical analysis of the results of sectors components, by identifying ways to streamline their business and shortening the path from the results of the research activities to their transfer to the beneficiaries.
Coordinator: SCDVV Murfatlar
Project Manager: Scientific researcher Grade 1- PhD. Biologist Aurora RANCA
Execution period: 2010-2011
7. PN II : Contract:52-130
Project title: Risk assessment of emergence and spreading  of yellow phenomena and degeneration at the vine due to the mycoplasmas under climate change ROMANIA
Coordinator: ICPP Bucuresti
Execution period: 2008-2011
8. PN II, Contract:51-012/2007

Project title: "Setting specificity and authenticity of varied wines through physical and chemical methods of modern (electronic Nose) and sensory analysis in order to improve the supply of Romanian wines at domestic and international level"

Coordinator: USAMV Bucuresti

Execution period: 2007-2010

9. PN II, Contract: no. 51-039/2007

Project title: "Traceability of nutrients and inorganic pollutants from the vines, in areas devoted (dedicated) to wine"

Coordinator: SCDVV Blaj

Execution period: 2007-2010
10. PN II, Contract: no. 51-053/ 2007
Project title:Determinations of beta transmitter in the agro-ecosystem in ultra low radiochemistry laboratory ”

Coordinator: IFIN Bucharest

Execution period: 2007-2010
11. PN II Contract no. 51-68/2007
Project title: "Optimizing the use of fluid resources in the vineyards of the half-dry areas"
Coordinator: SCDVV Murfatlar
Execution period: 2007-2010
12. PS - MADR Contract 314/2006
Project title: „Establish methods for determining the counterfeit products in the wine industry"
Coordinator: SCDVV Murfatlar Execution period: 2006-2010
13.CEEX contract no.144/2006
Project title: "Research and technological development platform for obtaining ecological insecticide - INSECO"
Coordinator: Universitatea Ovidius
Execution period: 2006-2009
14. CEEX contract no. 4/ 01.10.2005
Project title: „Remove excess of iron and copper ion from wine through reverse osmosis membranes”

Coordinator: SCDVV Murfatlar

Execution period: 2005-2008
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