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Ecologic Wine  - COLUMNA



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Ecologic wine - FETEASCA NEAGRA



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Offer of original products:

- Grafted material – the categories 'certified' and 'standard' of clones Pinot gris 13 Mf, Chardonnay 25 Mf, Fetească Neagră 9Mf and the varieties Columna, Muscat Ottonel, Mamaia, Pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Afuz Ali;

- Wine obtained from grapes certified organic: Columna;

- D.O.C. wines (with designation of controlled origin) – "Murfatlar", from varieties recommended for the vineyard Murfatlar;

- IG wines – cu geographical indication "Colinele Dobrogei"

- Non pollutant technologies for growing grapevine;

- Differentiated technologies of vinification depending on the type of wine;


feteasca neagra

vite altoite certificate

pepiniera scv murfatlar

Services offer:

- projects

- plantation of vineyards;

- technical assistance to the establishment of plantations, pruning, disease and pest control, soil works, etc

- histological analysis of the viability and fertility of fruit the buds; - analysis of the ripeness of the grapes and determining the optimal timing for harvesting;

- technical assistance in the application of technological fractions for making red and white wines, dry, semidry, semisweet and sweet;

- analysis of young wines, of those with diseases and defects, preventive and corrective measures;

- summary analysis of wines (determining of alcoholic degree, of free and total SO2, reduced sugar, total and volatile acidity);

- stability tests to wine;

- technical and technological information regarding machinery, equipment, installations, receptacles, etc., to produce wines of different categories and types

analize histologice

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