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Scientific papers 2013

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Scientific papers / published

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3rd European Bois Noir Workshop Barcelona 20-21 March 2013


1.Molecular detection of stolbur phytoplasma from natural foci associated with grapevine yellows in Romania”

Constantina Chireceanu, P.G. Ploaie, Anamaria PETRESCU, Silvia Cazacu



36th World Congres of vine and Wine Bucharest-Romania, 2-7 June 2013

2.Determining the tolerance of varieties and clones to major abiotic and biotic stress factors in Murfatlar area

Ana NEGRARU, Iulia Cristina STANCIU, Anamaria Petrescu, Cristina COLIC-SOVA

3.Impact of climate change on the quality of wines of Murfatlar region

Victoria ARTEM, Arina Oana ANTOCE, Aurora RANCA, Anamaria PETRESCU, Ionica DINA

4.The influence of irrigation and tehnological elements on vine production in Murfatlar conditions

BOLOS Petru, Anamaria PETRESCU, Cristina COLIC-SOVA


The OIV Bulletin, ISSN 0029-7127, volume 86

5.The climate description of the main viticultural centers in Romania”

Aurelia Tudorache, Liliana Parcalabru, Roxana Porumb, Liliana Tomoiaga, Maria Iliescu, Viorica Enache, Cristina Simion, Doina Damian, Petrescu Anamaria, Mihu Ghica


The International Conference of the

University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest 

"Agriculture for Life, Life for Agriculture"

June 3 - 8, 2013, Bucharest, Romania

6.The influence of climatic conditions on the grape quality in the wine center of Murfatlar in 2012

Victoria ARTEM, Arina Oana ANTOCE


Food Chemistry, Volume 138, Issues 2-3, 1 June 2013, pag 1125-1134

7.Geographical origin identification of Romanian wines by ICP-MS elemental analysis

Irina Geana, Andreea Iordache, Roxana Ionete, Adrian Marinescu, Aurora RANCA, Monica Cuclea


Fourth International Scientific Symposium Agrosym 2013, 3-6 October on Jahorina mountain, Bosnia and Herzegovina

8.Principles of organic viticulture applied in Murfatlar vineyard, Romania

Aurora RANCA, Arina Oana ANTOCE, Victoria  ARTEM, Anamaria PETRESCU, Cristina COLIC-SOVA


International Scientific Symposium "Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Horticulture" Craiova November 2013

9.The study on genetic diversity using the ampelometric method for some vine varieties from Murfatlar vineyard”

Ana NEGRARU, Aurora RANCA,  Anamaria PETRESCU, Ionica DINA, Anamaria NEGRARU

Scientific papers 2012

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Symposium Horticulture in Europe,  1-5 July, Anger, Franta

1.Evaluation of grapes quality and wines typicality made ​​from grapevine variety Mamaia, in Murfatlar vineyard

Aurora RANCA,  Victoria ARTEM, Anamaria PETRESCU

2.A survey on trans-resveratrol content of Romanian wines

E.I. Geana, D. Costinel, A.M. Iordache, R.E. Ionete, A. RANCA, M. Iliescu


Annual Scientific Session "Scientific foundation for sustainable development of the wine sector June 12 - ICDVV Valea Calugareasca

3. The use of organic fertilizers based on humic acids in the plantations of viticultural center Murfatlar

Anamaria PETRESCU, Iulia – Cristina  STANCIU, Ionica DINA


4. The evaluation of red wines typicity with denomination of origin in Murfatlar vineyard under the current climate change

Victoria ARTEM, Aurora RANCA, Arina Oana ANTOCE


Workshop:”The 2ndInternational Workshop on the Environment and Agriculture in Arid and Semiarid Regions ” din 6-7 septembrie Constanta

5.Adapting technologies in vine culture, depending on wintering mode of  varieties, viability and fertility of winter buds in  Dobrogea vineyards

Ana NEGRARU,   Anamaria PETRESCU,  Iulia Cristina STANCIU

6.Study on the apparition aridity phenomenon in Murfatlar vineyard in  2009-2012

Iulia Cristina STANCIU, Anamaria PETRESCU, Ana NEGRARU, Ionica DINA


International Scientific Symposium, University of Craiova, Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture, 15-16 November

7.The influence of hydric stress on the behavior some vine varieties recomanded for the Murfatlar vineyard

Aurora RANCA, Victoria ARTEM, Anamaria PETRESCU, Iulia Cristina STANCIU, Ionica DINA


European Congress of Chemical EuCheMS  26-30August, Prague, Czech Republic

8.Autentication of fourteen Romanian grape seed oil varieties using spectroscopic methods

Mihaela-Liliana Mihalache, Cristina Todasca, Anamaria Hanganu, Nicoleta Chira, Aurora RANCA, Aurelia Bratu, Sorin Rosca

 Scientific papers 2011 

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Scientific papers / published

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Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, Vol.12 no.1

Bio-system Grapevine Breeding in the Murfatlar Vineyard – Romania

A. Ranca, I. Filip, N. Menabit


Asian Journal of Chemistry, Volume 23, issue 12, 5197-5201 (2011), ISSN: 0970-7077, IF 0.247 , relative influence score  0.11144.

Phenolic composition of Romanian wines with different geographical origins

Elisabeta Irina Geana, Roxana Elena Ionete, Aurelia Tudorache, Rodica Pasa, Elena Postolache, Aurora Ranca


Scientific-practical conference with international participation, "Wine in the third millennium, current issues in winemaking" -24 to 26 November 2011, Chisinau

1.Principles of organic viticulture applied in Romania

Aurora Ranca, Victoria Artem, Ana Negraru

2.Qualitative and quantitative identification of synthetic dyes using fraudulent wine through various chromatographic methods

Victoria Artem, Aurora Ranca, Roxana Ionete, Rodica Pasa


National Conference with international participation - "Progress in Cryogenics and isotope separation", Călimănești Căciulata, Vâlcea, 26-28 November 2011

Practical Analytical Tools for Assessing the Addition of Synthetic Dyes in Wines

A. Ranca, V. Artem, A. Galip, R. E. Ionete, I. Geana, C. Savin, R. Pasa, A. Vasile,


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